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Team sprint and team building training course
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The Toplead team visit us under Mr. Xu ‘s leadership. And after the investigation of two days (the May 4th and the May 5th), the team spirit and excellent team building training course for two days is began.

At the start of training course, GE Zhu offers the hope for this course: establish the corporate culture that we will be invincible in every battle. And he wish this course would come to a successful completion.













The shocks were taken by Mr. Xu in all aspect, the open heart, interpersonal communication, team learning and more. And all the fifty-five colleagues were shocked at the scene with laughs.













Two days of learning, some of our colleagues were not have active stage, some dare not face the shortcomings themselves. And many of our colleagues neglect their family and loved ones aware the importance of the family, the friendship, and the love in the course of life.













Two days of the training course has brought a new breakthrough for all students, we were shocked not only at work, but also the mind.

In the summary, GE Zhu gave a high evaluation for the training, and hope to join hands with Toplead long-term cooperation, to achieve a win-win situation


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