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Celebrating we gain the licence of  Pressure Vessel
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We just moved into 2013, which we are very expecting. In the spring of 2013, which everything on the world comes to life, the fresh-flowers blooms, we gained the good news from the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province. Through all of departments cooperate and efforts, we have achieved by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province as we issued special equipment (pressure vessel) installation and manufacturing license.

The day in March 28, 2013, let us mark it in remembrance. We gain the special equipment (pressure vessel) installation and manufacturing license in this day. And this indicates we will develop in the road standardized, institutionalized, scientific, and this shows that the endless field in front of us as numerous flowers, spring is in the air. We found a road surrounded by flowers, and we found a road we will have a bright future. We are full of hope for the future of our company. In this spring, we planted the seeds of hope, as long as we unite as one, care and nurturing, these seeds will grow into big trees, and we will pick and taste these ripe fruits with great delight. The company has a very good foundation, has been in a leading position in the roll manufacturing industry, and in 2013, we had a very good start, we believe that we will have a better future through efforts. The company can achieve special equipment (pressure vessel) phase of the installation and manufacturing license of success, also thanks to all of our DASONG man's effort.

The company because of you, thank you!


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